Community Events

We are proud to support our community by donating pizzas and/or gift certificates to several fishing tournament fundraisers, Fire Station fundraisers, school fundraisers and boosters, and a variety of events that help in various ways to support our community!

We have donated enough extra large pizzas 3 years in a row, to the Gainesville Elementary School, to feed all staff and students at least 2 slices of pizza each! Unfortantly, due to the pandemic we were unable to do this in 2020. We also donated mini pizza gift certificates to all 5 area high schools for their graduates to show our appreciation for their support! 

We are at the forefront to help if feasible some of the needs of our community! 


We gave away dozens of hams in 2019 to many needy families in Ozark County!

Antler Thanksgiving Ad.jpg

Our 1st annual Ozark Country Christmas in 2019! We gave away over $1,500 dollars of free gifts to all kids present, along with free hot cocoa and cookies, while Christmas music was playing on our entertainment system! We believe in supporting our communities that supports us!

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